Ivan Sutherland

TITLE:Computers Of The Future (10月23日 9:30-10:10 一层轩辕堂)

ABSTRACT:Dr. Sutherland will mention briefly his well known work in computer graphics.
He will offer a view of how computers of the future may connect specialized computation elements to general-purpose computing devices to gain energy efficiency.
Dr. Sutherland will include some remarks about "nothing.""Nothing" or vacancy, stresses human reasoning, but is a central part of computing.  An empty list and an empty character string are both representations of "nothing" familiar to software engineers. Hardware engineers, who deal with real physical objects, often overlook the value of representing the idea of "nothing".



报告题目: 拟态计算与拟态安全(10月23日 10:10-10:50 一层轩辕堂)




报告题目:从大数据到认知计算 (10月23日 10:50-11:30 一层轩辕堂)




TITLE:Computer Education - from CC2001 to CS2013, and Beyond(10月23日 11:30-12:00 一层轩辕堂)



Sudhakar Yalamanchili

Title: The Era of Heterogeneity: Challenges and Opportunities(10月24日 8:30-9:10 一层轩辕堂)

Abstract: The transition to many core computing and the dominant role of energy, power and thermallimits to computation is leading to asymmetry, heterogeneity, and technology diversity being leading drivers for the design of future computing architectures. This transition has coincided with the growth of data intensive applications and the emergence of big data computing in all sectors of the global economy. The combination has led to a disruptive impact on all levels of the application and system software stacks while performance scaling will become increasingly dominated by the physics of the computing environment. Heterogeneity and customization in hardware and software is the new normal in sustaining the performance scaling trends of Moore’s Law into future technology nodes.
This talk will offer a view of this evolution and the resulting software and hardware challenges for applications and systems. The talk will present major architectural trends, recent advances in energy efficient system technologies, and new opportunities in high performance relational computing.



报告题目:虚拟人体:虚拟现实的终极目标(10月24日 9:10-9:50 一层轩辕堂)




报告题目:互联网时代的大数据技术(10月24日 9:50-10:30 一层轩辕堂)



Sridhar R. Iyengar

TITLE:New paradigms to build trust (10月24日 10:30-11:10 一层轩辕堂)

ABSTRACT:The Internet has become central to the way we work, play, socialize and entertain ourselves. The explosion of new devices and new users on the Internet has also seen  a dramatic rise in malware.   These attacks have become increasingly hard to protect against due to its frequency, sophistication and virulence. This talk takes a new look at defending against three large categories of security, namely Anti-Malware, User Authentication and  Data Protection. It discusses new paradigms and proposes new solutions where hardware and software work together to build trustworthy platforms.



报告题目:小米打造智能硬件生态链 (10月24日 11:10-11:50 一层轩辕堂)

摘要: 从小米的创新商业模式、取得的成绩,以及正在打造生态链的方向,展示小米的气度,和愿意为整个行业发展做出贡献的胸怀。